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Lesson Options & Rates

Private Lesson

$40 to $50

Group Lesson (2-5 players)

$35 / player

(5) Private Lessons
10% Discount

$180 to $225

(10) Private Lessons
20% Discount

$320 to $400

(5) Group Lessons/player
10% Discount


(10) Group Lessons/player
20% Discount


Lacrosse private instruction provides dedicated female athletes with a unique and dynamic approach to the sport of lacrosse. We will help players improve their skills and develop field sense, while working to enhance their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Pittsburgh Premier provides a training forum in which to develop our athletes into better and smarter players. We emphasize that players who put the most into lacrosse get the most out of it! With this in mind, we will develop a plan with our players, which will incorporate player suggestions and interests, as well as the experienced opinions of our seasoned coaches. We will develop and set realistic goals with our players and implement a lesson plan to help achieve them.

Individual Private Instruction

  • 50 minute session 
  • One-on-one instruction with our experienced coaching staff
  • Goal of lesson set by player and executed by the coach
  • Cost $40 to $50*; payment made in advance of the lesson 

Semi-Private/Small Group Private Instruction

  • 50 minute session
  • 2-5 players: Group is set in advance of the lesson by the interested players
  • Goals of lesson set by players and executed by coach 
  • Cost $30/player; payment made in advance of the lesson, one player registers for the entire group

Private Lesson F.A.Q

  1. Where does the lesson take place?

    Lessons can take place at any available facility.  Parents/players are expected to set up a facility, preferably with lines and goal available.
  2. Who are the coaches? 

    Premier supplies our most experienced coaches for private lessons.  All of our private instruction coaches have college playing experience, most of them having played for competitive NCAA Division I programs.  Visit our Coaches page for a glimpse at our staff.